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A Civil Claim/Lawsuit occurs when Party A may seek to hold Party B responsible for a type of harm or wrongful act. If Party A is successful they may be awarded compensation.

Short answer, Yes! Insurance companies are not your friend and will often present extremely low offers. It is important to speak with an Attorney to assess your rights.

Unlike large mills, R.A.R. Law Group, PC treats all clients with the utmost respect. Every client is able to speak with an attorney so you can rest assured that an experience Attorney is handling your case.

Absolutely not. Having to file a claim in court may seem intimidating however, our experienced Attorneys can assure you that the process is less daunting that believed. If you have been harmed it is essential that the party liable is held accountable and often times the best route is by filing a claim in court.

You may contact our office by phone, email or USPS.

As we have seen a change in personal injury settlements there is a misconstrued belief that insurance companies have the upper hand. While it may seem so during the initial claim process, once the claim has been filed in court the rule of law prevails.

Each case differs depending on the injuries and circumstances surrounding the facts. Please contact our offices for further information.

It does not matter your age or health, if you have assets, it is extremely important that they are protected by being placed into a Trust.

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R.A.R. Law Group, PC, evolved from Sarah Lawrence & Associates, a law firm led by Sarah Lawrence. With a combined 40 years of practicing law in California, we pride ourselves in treating our clients with respect and humanity, while fighting to defend their rights with fierceness.

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