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Our firm provides services in the areas of Civil Claims and Estate Planning. At R.A.R. Law Group PC, we value the attorney-client relationship. Unlike other firms, your initial consultation is taken by an attorney and your claim is assessed immediately.

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Personal Injury

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Estate Planning

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Civil Restraining Orders

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Personal Injury

If you were injured by the fault of anyone else, there is a statute of limitation of up to two years to make a claim for injuries and a statute of limitations of three years to make a claim for property damage. Statute of limitations vary depending on the age of the injured party. There are a number of incidents that can cause personal injury. If you believeyou have been injured please contact our firm to discuss your claim.

At R.A.R. Law Group we handle a number of tort claims ranging from

- Auto Accidents
- Assault & Battery
- Bicycle Accidents
- Catastrophic Injury
- Dog Bites
- Premise Liability
- Products Liability
- Wrongful Death

An injured party may be entitled to:
- Medical Bills
- Lost Wages
- Past & Future Medical Expenses
- Scarring & Disfigurement
- Pain & Suffering
- Loss of Enjoyment of Life
- Emotional Distress
- Punitive Damages (Allowed if the Defendant acted with malice, oppression or fraud)

accident, car, firetruck

Civil Restraining Orders

California Code of Civil Procedure provides protective orders to assist in protecting victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, civil
harassment and workplace violence. Restraining orders is a multi-step process and it is important that you discuss the issues with an
experienced attorney who can advice you in the right direction.


Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)

A temporary restraining order is often granted ex parte and prior to a permanent one. The general length of a TRO is about 14 days or until the scheduled court hearing. These orders are short in nature.

Permanent Restraining Order

A permanent restraining order follows a TRO. This is when a court hearing occurs and a judge is presented with information from both sides. The length of time and rules regarding the restraining order vary depending on whether the order is for a domestic dispute civil or criminal matter.

The specific length of time covered by the restraining order will vary depending on whether it is under family, civil, or criminal law. For instance, the amount of years varies based on whether the order is for a domestic violence dispute or a civil harassment dispute.

Estate Planning


Most people are not aware of the tedious Probate process that occurs if there is not a proper Estate Plan set-up prior to their passing. It is often times surprising that rich and famous persons died with no plan, leaving their estate open to fraudulent beneficiaries or fights erupting between family members. Probate is a lengthy process that will place a burden on family members in the future. If you were thinking of getting an Estate Plan you are on the right track.

Having an Estate Plan will allow you to account for all your assets, ensuring smooth transfer to beneficiaries. In California an Estate Plan goes beyond simply drafting a will. Our Estate Plan Package consists of a detailed Trust, Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive.

It is important that everything is set-up correctly at the time of creation. At R.A.R. Law Group, PC we have experience producing valid trusts. If you have questions or would like to get started on an Estate Plan, please reach out to our firm.

For additional information or to discuss your case with an attorney, please contact R.A.R. Law Group, PC.

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